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Meet the good bunch—Adrien

Meet the good bunch

Sharesies’ Marketing Manager, Adrien, talks us through her path to Sharesies, finding meaning in work, and more!

13 May 2022

4 min read

Adrien is standing in front of Uluru in the Australian outback, smiling into the camera with her left hand on her hip. She has long blonde hair, and is wearing a black and white top.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m Adrien! I’m the Australian Marketing Manager at Sharesies. I was our third employee here, and have been with the team just over a year. 

I’m originally from the US and describe myself as a ‘collector of hobbies’. I’m not really great at any; I just like to dabble in whatever’s out there. Recent examples include running a book club, a wine club, being advance certified in diving, attempting to bake sourdough bread during lockdown, and a very sad effort at crochet as well. 

I live in Sydney with my partner, Will, our COVID puppy Tobey, and I became an Aussie citizen last year.  

What made you want to be a part of Sharesies’ journey?

When I saw the job listing come up, I hadn’t heard of the brand—but when I looked more into Sharesies, I couldn’t believe how it ticked all the boxes. 

I love that Sharesies is centred on a powerful mission—to financially empower everyone—and that it’s a B Corp, putting the wellbeing of its investors, team members, and the greater community first. I love that Sharesies has flung the door wide open to such a closed-off, seemingly inaccessible space by being conversational and making everything feel so much more attainable. 

I knew it was something great that I had to be a part of. The opportunity to own our Australian marketing strategy and growth has been unforgettable and will forever be a high point of my career. 

What does a typical Sharesies day look like for you? 

It’s a cliched answer, but there’s no typical day—which is a great thing! At a high level, I often start my day early with meetings weighted toward the morning as I connect with a lot of people in New Zealand. That fades away around 3 PM local time, which is when I do my more focused work and thinking. 💭

I love that I get to spend a lot of time connecting with others and thinking through ways to make investing even more accessible to our investors. Financial empowerment, and any empowerment really, always needs education and accessibility at its core. 

What excites you about working at Sharesies?

Being a force for good in the financial space, without sounding too cringey about it, presents the opportunity to change lives. One of my favourite investor stories is from a young woman who was indebted to a buy now, pay later business. She started learning about investing, got herself out of debt, and turned around and invested in the company she had been indebted to. She said, “It’s now making me money. There’s just something super satisfying about that.” It gave me chills reading that—how powerful! 

If we can help support these micro-moments for people across Australia, there’s nothing more exciting than that. 

Are you personally investing towards anything specific? 

Just before I got the job at Sharesies, I had my biggest ‘a-ha’ moment about taking investing more seriously. 

I remember listening to a podcast episode from She’s on the Money, and they talked about the potential benefits of investing for the long term compared to just saving. It hadn’t clicked that I could manage risk to a level I’m comfortable with, and that I was doing myself a great disservice by leaving a decent amount sitting in a savings account. 

From there, I was hooked on how to turn that around for myself. I’m not sure if home ownership is for me, so I’m powered by wanting to build an investing portfolio that’s a key component of my retirement plans—especially if I’m not looking at other, traditional ways of investing in my future. 

What’s your aspiration for the future?

Sharesies is new to the Australian market, so there are so many different directions we can go. I would love for us to grow to be the market leader for long-term, wealth-building investing platforms, and to hit 1 million Aussie investors. I would love for us to look at ways we can continue to break down barriers in other aspects of financial wellbeing, not just investing. We have many more milestones ahead of us! 

Personally, living a happy life full of adventure is always going to be my number one goal. I would love to travel to more countries—I’ve been to 26 so far, so plenty more to see and experience! 

I feel really fortunate to have gotten to the place that I’m at. I never thought my snap decision at 25 to move across the world and come to Australia would play out as it has, and now I get to say that I live in my favourite city, surrounded by some of the best people I know, getting to do a job I love. I challenge myself to always keep that sense of gratefulness at heart and think about how I can invest my time and money into good causes that help others find that happiness.💞

Ok, now for the legal bit

Investing involves risk. You aren’t guaranteed to make money, and you might lose the money you start with. We don’t provide personalised advice or recommendations. Any information we provide is general only and current at the time written. You should consider seeking independent legal, financial, taxation or other advice when considering whether an investment is appropriate for your objectives, financial situation or needs.

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