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First Nations Strategy

We’re committed to embedding cultural values within the workplace, and working in partnership with First Nations peoples and communities Australia-wide. 

Our strategy

Developed in collaboration with Ngurra Advisory, Sharesies’ First Nations Strategy is our commitment to walking with First Nations people to create financial empowerment for everyone. 

The strategy provides a structured approach to how we’ll contribute to reconciliation, and sets a pathway to achieving our vision of improving wealth equality for Australia’s First Nations people and communities.

Our focus areas

Our First Nations Strategy aims to strengthen engagement activities across the business, driven by five focus areas.

  • Financial empowerment

    We believe in breaking down barriers and giving First Nations people the confidence and control to invest and develop their wealth.

  • Culture

    We recognise the importance of First Nations culture, history, and achievements.

  • Learning and teaching

    We’ll ensure that First Nations people have access to culturally-appropriate learning and education materials. 

  • First Nations employment

    We’re committed to closing the gap on First Nations employment and creating opportunities for First Nations people.

  • Community relationships

    We’re dedicated to building strong, mutually beneficial relationships that create opportunities and empower First Nations people, communities, and staff.

Our journey so far

These milestones outline our achievements to date, and set our pathway going forward.


September: Held our discovery workshop

October: Held cultural awareness training for our team

December: Our team took part in a cultural immersion experience


February: Held our first round of community consultation

April: Commissioned ‘The Future We Grow Together’ by Amy Allerton

June: Established our First Nations Working Group

December: The Sharesies Board endorsed and launched our First Nations Strategy

Our partners

Building meaningful and long-lasting partnerships is important to Sharesies. 

We collaborate with, learn from, and support: