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Grow your investing know-how while on the go. Here you’ll find the latest investing and personal finance podcasts from Sharesies and our mates.

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Whether it’s deciding if investing is for you, choosing what to invest in, or calling out common mistakes, The Sum of It gives jargon-free answers to guilt-free questions—no matter how big or small those questions may be.

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This podcast is developed by Sharesies Australia Limited (ABN 94 648 811 830; AFSL 529893). Information provided is general only and current at the time. Views expressed in this podcast are those of the individuals. Sharesies does not endorse any of the guests or the views they hold. This podcast does not constitute financial advice and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Always consider the appropriateness of the information in light of your own circumstances and seek professional advice if you are unsure. If information provided relates to acquiring a financial product, obtain a disclosure document, Product Disclosure Statement or offer document and ensure you understand the risks before making a decision about whether the investment is suitable for you.

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She’s on the Money

We teamed up with millennial money expert Victoria Devine to bring you some foolproof tips for financial freedom.

Equity Mates Investing Podcast

Heard about investing, but don't know where to start? Listen to our episodes with the lads from Equity Mates.


Hosted by Rob and Lach from Funny Business, Unlikely Investors shares investing stories from untypical investors—like Aussie Rapper B-wise, social media entrepreneur Flex Mami, and NFT artist Bianca Beers.

Brought to you by Pedestrian Group and Sharesies.

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