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Go-to Guide: Investing during a market downturn

Our Go-to Guide to investing during a market downturn delivers the info investors need to remain steady—even if the share markets aren’t. 

Across five easy-to-read emails, learn about some of the causes of a share market downturn through to what investors could do in response. 

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Chapter 1

What causes a share market to fall?

Market downturns can make investors from all walks of life feel uneasy—but understanding what’s going on makes dealing with them a whole lot easier. In chapter 1, we look at the history of market downturns, and the conditions that might contribute to one.

Chapter 2

Assessing your situation

Even though market downturns aren’t uncommon, it can still be hard to know how to respond to one as an investor. In chapter 2, we start with the big picture—taking stock of your overall financial situation.

Chapter 3

Reviewing your portfolio

In chapter 3, we focus on your investment portfolio. Learn about diversification, performance, volatility, and making sure your portfolio is (still) in line with your investing strategy.

Chapter 4

Taking action

With the foundation laid, chapter 4 is about putting it all into practice. We cover potential actions you can take during a market downturn, the different types of investments to consider, and doing your due diligence.

Chapter 5

Wrapping up

Chapter 5 is your handy reference for the Go-to Guide. It has a wrap of all the key learnings about investing during a market downturn, as well as a quiz if you’re wanting to test your knowledge.