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Invest in companies

Get access to thousands of companies on the Australian, US, and New Zealand stock exchanges.

Portfolio displayed is a guide, not from a real customer. For informational purposes only.

Companies on Sharesies

This is only a fraction of the companies you can invest in on the Sharesies platform.

Why invest in companies?

  • Loads of choice

    You can invest in over 6,700 companies across Australia, the US, and New Zealand. Invest in companies that you love, recognise, or that align with your values—the choice is yours!

  • Get involved

    Owning a company’s shares is about more than just giving you a return or helping to support a company that you like. You really do own part of the company that you’re investing in.

  • Buy from 1¢

    With fractional shares, you decide how much you want to invest. You can split $1 across 100 companies, $50 across two companies, or any other combination you want!

Invest in local and global brands

Choose companies from all around the world.

Aussie companies

Invest in over 2,000 companies on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

US companies

Invest in over 4,500 companies across three US exchanges.

NZ companies

Invest in over 130 companies on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX).

Let’s get you started

You’ll need to be over 18 years old and have an Australian bank account—have your account number handy!

  1. Sign up

    Grab your Australian ID (driver license or passport), proof of address, and tax file number (TFN).

  2. Choose a company

    Place your order for any of the thousands of companies on offer.

  3. Invest

    Once your order is filled, the company will appear in your Portfolio.

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There’s no subscription fee to use the Sharesies platform. You’re charged fees when you buy and sell shares, and when you exchange money.

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