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Invest in Australian shares

Buy shares in over 2,300 companies and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

Australian companies and funds

This is only a fraction of the companies and ETFs you can invest in on the Sharesies platform.

Why invest in Australian shares?

  • You’re in control

    You decide how to build your Portfolio. Invest from as little as 1¢ to as much as you can afford.

  • Heaps of choice

    You have over 2,300 Australian investments to choose from—that’s on top of the nearly 6,000 US and NZ investments you have access to. Choice!

  • All together

    Easily manage your Portfolio by keeping all of your Australian, US, and NZ shares in one beautiful place.

Buy shares on the ASX

Invest in your favourite Australian companies and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.


Sit back and put your investing on repeat. Pick an order, the amount you want to regularly invest, and auto-invest will place the orders for you.

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Let’s get you started

To invest in Australian shares, you’ll need to be over 18 years old and have an Australian bank account—have your account number handy!

  1. Sign up

    Grab your Australian ID (driver license or passport), proof of address, and tax file number (TFN).

  2. Choose an investment

    Take your pick from the companies and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) listed on the ASX, and place your order.

  3. Check your Portfolio

    Once your order is filled, your shares will appear in your Portfolio.

Start investing now


There’s no subscription fee to use the Sharesies platform. You’re charged fees when you buy and sell shares, and when you exchange money.

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