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Simplified investing

Build a long-term investing habit the easy way, with automated features that do the work for you.

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Investing on repeat, without the guesswork

With auto-invest, your orders are placed for you automatically—all you need to do is choose your investments, then set how much and how often to invest.

With the choice to create up to five auto-invest orders, with up to 100 investments in each, you can tailor your orders to your investing goals.

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Reach your investing goals faster

Round up your day-to-day spending and send the difference to your Sharesies Wallet—ready for you to invest how you like!

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Let your Portfolio do the work

Take the hassle out of topping up, and set your dividends to reinvest automatically.

Automatically send money from a linked bank to your Sharesies Wallet to make topping up a breeze.

Invest any dividend you receive from a company or fund straight back into it—automatically.

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From the experts

How to start investing for the long term

Victoria Devine from She’s on the Money shares her top tips for long-term investing, from setting investment goals to automating your investing.

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Ready to get started?

Here’s what you need to start investing on Sharesies.

  1. Be 18 or over
  2. A valid ID and residential address

    An Australian passport, driver licence, or other ID will do the trick.

  3. An Australian bank account

    For getting money into and out of Sharesies.

Get started


Support your investing habit with a monthly plan

Get your transaction fees covered up to a set amount on buy, sell, and auto-invest orders across Aussie, US, and NZ shares.

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Your shares are safe, and belong to you

Sharesies was designed with security as a top priority. Have peace of mind knowing your investments, money, and data are protected by layers of industry-standard security measures.

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