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Invest extra dollars and cents from your daily spend to reach your goals sooner.

Turn your spending habit into an investing habit

  • Set your target

    Rather than spare change trickling in, set an amount you’ll be motivated to invest

  • Spend away

    Your round-ups tally will grow with whichever transactions you choose

  • Power up your Portfolio

    When it reaches your target, your round-ups will hit your Wallet to invest how you like

Once you’ve linked your bank, choose the accounts, and amounts that work for you

Make every tap count

Add to your tally with every tap of your card. Round up classic style or whole dollar amounts for that little extra.

Coming soon

Personalise with categories

Choose the amount to chip in when you spend on something specific—like coffee or takeaway.

Coming soon

One type or as many as you like

Classic style, whole dollar amounts, or by category. Stack your round-ups to turn your casual spending into considered investing even faster.

Another way to keep invested

Round-ups— suited to how you spend, with amounts that’ll make a difference. So what are you waiting for?