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Sound the horn: we’ve acquired Orchestra


It’s been seven years since we disrupted the investing landscape, with heaps of milestones to celebrate along the way. Today, we’re celebrating another big one—we’ve made our first acquisition!

We’re stoked to announce that we’ve acquired Orchestra Limited. They’re an Auckland-based equity management platform that offers employee share ownership plans (ESOP) and share registry solutions to private companies across Aotearoa and Australia. 

Their customers include the likes of Les Mills, Beca, Parkable, Hnry—and us! We’ve been using Orchestra’s platform to manage our own ESOP scheme since 2020, and we love how easy it is to manage our shareholders’ equity as well as keep them all in the loop on our latest news.

We can’t wait to welcome the Orchestra team—and their shareholders—to Sharesies!

Brooke Roberts, Sharesies co-founder and 3EO, and the Orchestra team.

We’re open for business

Since we launched Sharesies Open, our business-to-business (B2B) offering, we’ve helped a bunch of listed companies better connect with their shareholders and staff. So far, we’ve partnered with more than 30 large ASX and NZX-listed companies, including Fonterra, Spark, Contact Energy, Infratil, and Meridian Energy.

Now that Orchestra is part of Sharesies, we’re able to expand that offering even further! 

From high-growth startups to major private corporations, we’ll be providing registry services and staff share schemes that make it effortless for them to manage equity ownership. Finally, they’ll be able to say goodbye to wrangling shareholders in complex spreadsheets!

Staff reap the benefits too

With the ability to partner with even more companies, we’re deepening our commitment to financial empowerment for everyone.

At the moment, more than 10,000 people have staff shares in listed companies through Sharesies Open. Now, we’ll also be supporting over 9,000 of Orchestra’s private company staff with their equity. All together, that means more staff sharing in their company’s success.

Ready to partner with us?

If you’re keen to find out how we can help you better engage your staff and shareholders through equity, get in touch at

Ok, now for the legal bit

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