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Behind the B: How B Corps make business better

Shared Lunch

B Corporations are businesses that meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, proving that it’s possible to make money and be a force for good. 

Sharesies co-founder and co-CEO Brooke Roberts sits down with Alex Hannant and Mindy Leow from B Lab—the nonprofit network behind B Corp certifications—to discuss the global B Corp movement and why it matters for investors.

The conversation covers growing consumer demand for ethical companies, the role of B Corps in shaping a sustainable economy, what it takes to become a B Corp, and Sharesies’ experience with gaining the certification. 

Brought to you by Sharesies, with BusinessDesk

Shared Lunch is hosted by BusinessDesk journalists including Frances Cook. 

Each week, we’ll alternate between an interview with a company leader and an industry deep dive.

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Appearance on Shared Lunch is not an endorsement by Sharesies of the views of the presenters, guests, or the entities they represent. Their views are their own. 

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