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Staff Shares made easy

Simplified schemes to recruit, reward, and retain your staff.

Now there’s a new way for staff to invest in your business—and their financial future on the Sharesies platform.

Schemes simplified. No share left behind.

Give staff a place to see their shares in a functional and friendly way. With easy in-app access, their investment will be truly tangible, whether they’re an experienced investor or just getting started.

  • iOS and Android

  • Seamless sign-up

Shares past, present, and future. All in one.

Financial empowerment can start with a single share. With access to current share prices, past activity, Portfolio performance, and upcoming allocations, we bring the value of all shares to life, all in one place.

  • Visibility of both vested and unvested shares

  • Ability to see other existing shares or easily buy more

All the admin? It's on us

Staff Shares has been created in a way that shows a beautifully simple and streamlined way to personalise, administer, and execute staff share schemes—for everyone involved. From ledger management and compliance to custom reporting, we have it covered. 

  • Managed onboarding and offboarding

  • Automated share allocation

Customised support right on hand

The Sharesies platform is here to help in raising the level of knowledge and engagement of investors. A scheme can be tailored to give your staff the tools and information they need to feel confident and taken care of. 

  • Proactive communication and accessible scheme details

  • Unlimited access to jargon-free Learn content

In great company

Getting value and feeling valued. Staff deserve both.

Turners Automotive Group

Turners recently rolled out Staff Shares to all of their employees. 

Turners CFO Aaron Saunders, “Sharesies made it possible for Turners staff to be rewarded for the work we do together in a way that’s engaging for them, and surprisingly simple for us.”

Regular incentives. In cycles that suit.

Reward often and efficiently. Having the ability to award shares easily when they’re deserved is more important now than ever.