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C’mon Aussies, let’s get growing


We’ve all been beginners before. Whether it was that first wobbly bike ride or slightly wonky home-baked cake—we can all point to a time when we tried something new.

A teenage girl behind the wheel of a car with her mother looking on anxiously in the passenger seat.

But after some practice—and a bit of patience—what was the result? You got to feel the wind in your hair as you cycled the streets. And taste that first delicious bite of your beautifully baked cake.

The same can be said for investing. Beginning can feel daunting—you may be wondering things like, “Can I afford to invest?” or “WTF is an ETF?”. It may be difficult to take that first step and just begin. But …

Don’t let being a beginner stop you from beginning

Sharesies is here to break down the barriers to investing, and help you along your investing journey.

We’re giving you the opportunity to invest in the companies you know and believe in across three markets—with as little as 1 cent. We’re jargon-busters, here to help you learn investing terms and strategies—just check out our Learn section! And we’re offering you $10 on us to help you kickstart your journey—just use promo code GROW when you sign up (terms apply).

Our latest campaign taps into the moments we all share as beginners, and reminds us that we all start somewhere.

Whether it was your first time driving a car …

Or how about that awkward first kiss?

With a can-do attitude (and a bit of nostalgia), it’s time to take that first step on your investing journey.

Let’s get growing!

Ok, now for the legal bit

Investing involves risk. You aren’t guaranteed to make money, and you might lose the money you start with. We don’t provide personalised advice or recommendations. Any information we provide is general only and current at the time written. You should consider seeking independent legal, financial, taxation or other advice when considering whether an investment is appropriate for your objectives, financial situation or needs.

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